After your website is built, you need a place to “host” it.

What is Website Hosting?

After your website is built, you need a place to “host” it.  Website hosting is like renting a parking space on the world wide web so people with Internet can pull up your site.

Email Hosting with WebTek

WebTek offers commercial grade hosting on dedicated servers, inclusding email hosting, that are safely located in a state-of-the-art server facility. We only offer hosting to clients of whom we have built their website. We do not host or build any websites dealing with derogatory, illegal or sexually explicit matters.

This helps us ensure only quality sites reside on our servers which means more trust, reliability and peace of mind for you!

We have 24 x 7 server monitoring and our hosting support is free for any technical issues that arise. All data on our servers are backed up nightly, then those backups are backed up remotely… just in case! This allows you to focus on your business while feeling confident your website is in good hands.

You also get your very own control panel where you can administer things like email, spam filtering, web stats and other technical things. We also have nightly backups all the power and speed you will ever need.

Lite Hosting Plan

Our basic commercial hosting starts at $19.95/month and can be upgraded to match any speed and power requirements you may need.

  • 10 gigabytes of data throughput per month
  • Up to 5000MB of storage space
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 1 email account
  • Up to 3 domains directed to your site
  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • Friendly local technical support
  • Detailed website stats, updated daily
  • DNS hosting
  • Managed daily back-ups



No Long-Term Contracts

Unlike other hosting providers who like to lock you up for years at a time (because you will realize their problems), we don’t have any hosting contracts. You are free to move the files elsewhere, but we will charge for any time you need from us.

What About Those Cheap Domain Hosting Conglomerates?

Yes, there are those large national big boys that sell cheap hosting space and undercut professional agencies, but we have had so many problems with them, we don’t consider them an option. You get what you pay for. You will most likely have large amounts of email problems, down times, delayed technical help and other problems. They put you on a shared hosting plan with thousands of other people running any kind of site they want.

If any one of those other hosting customers is running spam, bad scripts or taboo things, the whole server can be negatively affected and can even get your website hacked, blocked or banned.

Most times when (not if) support is needed, you are just a number in a long support. If we need to intervene on your behalf, our time is all billable. You’ll soon realize those cheap hosting outlets are actually costing you much more.

Put your mind at peace and let WebTek handle your website hosting.