Expert Digital Marketing Services in Lancaster PA

Why would you only do SEO when you can engage in a full-fledged marketing blitz?

At WebTek, we offer a full range of digital marketing services that combine to produce comprehensive, multi-channel marketing campaigns. These digital marketing packages, or bundles, are designed to cover the full spectrum of digital marketing, maximizing your return by firing on all cylinders like a well-oiled marketing machine. These integrated marketing campaigns provide custom solutions to promote your brand, engage with your target audience, generate leads, and help your business succeed online.

Benefits of Integrated Bundles:

  • Tracked & Measured for ROI
  • Cross-Channel for Maximum Impact
  • Custom Tailored for Your Business

Our Digital Marketing Packages


Centered on our Lite SEO Plan, this digital marketing package brings balance with a competitive budget to distribute your message.

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ProMost Popular

Built around our flagship Pro SEO Plan, this digital marketing plan fires on all strategic cylinders, igniting exposure across many channels.

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Our top-of-the-line marketing plan, this total package is for aggressively-minded companies with higher budgets.

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Digital Marketing Campaign Features

Listed below are some of the deliverables you receive as part of your WebTek digital marketing campaign:

By bundling standalone tactics into a digital marketing package, you boost their effectiveness and ensure the continuity of your brand. For example, digital marketing campaigns often use paid social media advertising to drive qualified prospects to a conversion optimized content asset. After leaving the page, these prospects can be served retargeting ads and sent email blasts, all centered on the same precise brand story.

Not only do all of these combined tactics provide additional opportunities to convert that lead into a sale, but through the consistent message, these strategies build a recognizable brand for your business. While all of these digital marketing services are effective on their own, they become more effective when used in conjunction. Discover how these digital marketing services solved problems and earned huge ROI for our clients — see our digital marketing case studies.

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Your Digital Marketing Partner

WebTek is more than a vendor – we’re a partner. We don’t want to sell you a one-time service – instead, our goal is to build a long-term relationship based on your consistent growth from our digital marketing!

We invite you to consider us as your business’s marketing department, or an extension of your in-house staff. In addition, you can always free yourself from the hassle of dealing with annoying sales calls – you can forward those to us. We’ll evaluate the marketing items they are selling and determine if there’s additional value to be had, one more way we are part of your team. Leverage the decades of expertise our integrated marketing agency has without having to inflate your payroll – bring us on board, and let’s grow together.

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