Ecommerce Websites

  • How much do ecommerce sites cost?
  • Woocommerce or Shopify?
  • Are ecommerce stores worth building?
  • How do you build an online store?

Woocommerce – The Ecommerce Storefront You Need

Why not. It seems everyone else is. Online selling is booming and will only continue to climb. A professional Ecommerce website design simply engages your visitors and makes it easy for them to buy your products online.

Is it expensive? Depends, it can be. But it might be more affordable than you think too. There are lots of variables that come into play when determining a plan of action and price for an Ecommerce website.

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Price determinants include:

  • Demographics – Who are you selling to and in what market? Where are those people located and how do you expect to reach them?
  • Customization – What level is needed? What does your website need to do that is not the standard shopping experience?
  • Products – How many, how will they get entered, how much information is needed for each
  • Photography – Pictures can really help sell a product.
  • Options – How many configuration options and variants are there
  • Shipping – How do you want to ship and at what pricing structure.
  • Management – What all store functions do you need to control? Can you run sales and update product information quickly and easily?

A good Ecommerce solution (like what WebTek provides) usually includes a password protected administrative interface that allows you to login and make updates and changes to your web store. Some of these changes include changing product info, prices, adding new products, uploading pictures, running promotions and pretty much whatever else you can imagine you would need.

Working With An Experienced Ecommerce Website Company

One of the biggest hurdles for newer e-commerce stores and an area we usually advise our clients is realistic expectations of traffic and sales to their store. If you are relying exclusively on search engine traffic, you have an uphill battle as there are probably literally hundreds or thousands of other stores selling products similar to yours. There are some large online retailers that do things very well and have huge amounts of traffic going to them, how are you going to compete against them? Know and understand your target audience and existing competition. Some online retailers (e-tailers) have large budgets for marketing for their store. Don’t expect to just have us build an E-commerce store for you and you sit back and collect sales from it … you must be marketing your website and putting time/commitment into it.

We would be happy to consult with you on your web store and give you pricing for your project, just contact us to get started.

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