Content Marketing

  • What is content marketing?
  • Why is it so popular today?
  • What are content marketing strategies?
  • How to do content marketing?

Content Marketing is Today’s Smart Marketing

Content marketing refers to the creation and sharing of blog posts, videos, infographics, how-to guides, and other sources of valuable information for online users. As a client of WebTek, a content marketing specialist will assist you with developing, publishing, and promoting these types of content and more. Our content marketer will ensure that anything published on behalf of your company remains consistent with your brand and message.

Our experience as content marketers in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, along with our 95 percent client retention rate, gives us the necessary background to assist you in creating pieces of high value to potential customers to help them see your company as an authority. You are educating the public and building trust so following through with a purchase comes naturally to them. Most businesses with an online presence employ a marketing content writer as an essential component of their marketing strategy.

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    Benefits of Content Marketing and Choosing Integrated Bundles from WebTek

    Content marketing reaches people who are in the earliest stages of the buying cycle. This is when they research and gather information. It also improves your authority, something that is very important in terms of search engine rankings. With content marketing, you’re likely to enjoy better brand recognition in Lancaster and beyond as well as an overall better reputation as a company that wants to help others.

    Along with content marketing, WebTek offers the following:

    • Conversion Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    • Organic SEO
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Retargeting

    We are pleased to offer bundled marketing packages based on the needs of your business. Not only does this save you money, you receive trackable and measurable ROI along with cross-channel exposure for maximum impact.

    Branded Content

    Taking things a bit further with content marketing, branded content is advertising for your company but not in the traditional ways you might think. Rather than running a commercial on television or paying for banner advertising online, a WebTek content marketing campaign that features branded content includes the type of content described above. Its goal is to capture the attention of readers or viewers and help drive engagement. Every content marketing plan should include branded content since the goal of content marketing packages is to drive interaction with your brand.

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    Content Marketing Agency

    It can be challenging to assign the task of producing regular content to one writer or staff person. That is because this person must remember and incorporate several other things into the content in addition to coming up with topics and writing about them. Some of these considerations include:

    Researching and including relevant keywords and phrases that people will search for to find your company’s content.

    Word count should be at least 500 for the search engines to view the content as useful and relevant. The content can include a call to action but should never overtly try to sell anything to readers. The staff writer must understand at a deep level the types of topics people seek information about and provide that information better than anyone else can.

    By hiring WebTek as your content marketing agency, you have the assurance that your company will have fresh and relevant content to publish on a regular basis. As our client, you can feel confident that employees are experts at their jobs. Outsourcing to our content agency can be a great stress reliever for you since you have so many other tasks competing for your attention. Conversely, our content marketing firm’s only job is to increase sales and leads for our clients. Other content marketing companies may say this, but we don’t make empty promises. We believe our results speak for themselves.

    Content Marketing Services

    Choosing a company in Pennsylvania to provide content marketing services isn’t always easy. Many claim to be content marketing experts only to provide you with disappointing content that produces little to no results. Your first step in finding the expert you truly need is to request a free consultation session with WebTek.

    If you know that you want to invest in digital content marketing but don’t have the time to even think of content ideas, you can depend on our content marketing experts to do it for you. After the initial consultation, it will seem like your company’s content marketing strategy is on auto-pilot. Best of all, you reap the benefits without having to manage a content marketing strategy yourself. We invite you to contact us at 717-859-3250 to learn more.