Video Production

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  • Video advertisement
  • Drone videos
  • Business videos

Marketing with Videography

For many local businesses, there is no better medium than video marketing. Video can be used on various platforms and is by far the most-viewed type of content on the internet today. Business video content is perfect for marketing since it can be easily consumed by users compared to reading text-based content. Most messages you wish to distribute about your brand can be conveyed through various video production services that contain appealing and relevant information for your audience.

At WebTek, we understand the value of video marketing. That’s why we’ve focused our services around video production for businesses in Lancaster County, to help them achieve their marketing goals. A skilled videographer and a high-quality video production combined with story-based content is an effective way to fully engage your audience. Sharing your company story through a business video will explain your products, services, and message clearly, building trust between you and your audience. Our videographer and video marketing strategists will help you tell your story to potential clients.

Watch Our Video Productions for Local Businesses

Animated Explainer Videos

Need another creative way to promote your business or next event? Promotional videos can be a fun and engaging way to communicate your message. Videos can be done in a variety of ways. The above promotional video is what we call an animated explainer video. The artist will hand draw objects and add animation effects to bring the line drawings to life. We use the above animated explainer video on Youtube & other places to advertise a fun message to people looking for websites. It’s an easy way to explain a common scenario in a light-hearted way that people can relate to.

Video Production Company

The quality of your video production can make or break the impression your audiences make about your business. In Lancaster County, many video production companies possess the tools to create these high-definition videos. Whether it be expensive lighting, or a camera that cost as much as your car, the quality of a video from a production house is easily distinguishable and hard to match. However, where these productions lack is the ability to efficiently and effectively market the content. Our professional videographers will work with you to create a message that will resonate with your audience. When you make “shareable content”, your fans will naturally help you extend past your perspective audience unintentionally.

Video Marketing

You have a high-quality video with clear message, now what? How you market your video is crucial. Video marketing requires a complex level of service that you can only receive from an experienced marketing agency. When you bundle our video services with content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media advertising, you can maximize the value of your video production. Produce customer testimonials, live-stream company conferences, or create a business video which tells the story your customers want to hear. Assert yourself as a knowledgeable force in your industry by utilizing one of our services listed below:

  • Media production
  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Web videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Video advertising
  • YouTube marketing

Videography Business in Lancaster PA

The videography business is one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking industries around. At WebTek, our trained videographer and video marketing strategists are equipped to help you succeed on all media platforms. It can be a very challenging process to be involved with, taking a lot of time and effort to effectively depict an accurate message. With the right kind of expertise of the videography business, results can be truly stunning, and more importantly, lucrative.
When you use one of Webtek’s video services, we’ll work with you on your vision for the marketing project to create brand recognition. We’ll help you arrive at a budget for the project and discuss the best strategies to engage your viewers.

Tell your story and expand your reach with HD video production and marketing. Contact a Webtek videographer today!