Social Media / Facebook Advertising

Reach the right people through advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising through strategic social media marketing allows you to promote your brand with paid marketing on social networks. Our social marketing strategy is to pinpoint social network users that specifically match your demographic and deliver paid advertisements directly to them. This will bring in new customers within your target radius that may not have found you organically. The social media ads are served based on various targeting metrics that we’ll implement on your behalf.

Benefits of Social Media Ads:

  • Drive Brand Awareness
  • Reach New Customers
  • Targeted Referral Traffic & Leads

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the biggest players in digital advertising, providing businesses with the largest advertising opportunity since search. We recommend starting there as Facebook advertising provides a great return on investment (ROI) with low cost ads to large groups of people; however, there are many other platform choices. Other popular social media advertising platforms include Instagram, Pinterest and sometimes Linkedin. We will help you develop a social media advertising strategy that works best for your unique business.

Social Media Advertising

Our Social Media Advertising Includes:

  • Initial campaign development & strategy
  • Custom artwork included
  • Advanced demographic targeting
  • Target specific towns & cities
  • Company branding
  • Increase page followers & engagement
  • Device Optimization (mobile/tablet vs. desktop)
  • Campaign performance analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Increase website traffic
  • Monthly performance reports