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Website Design in Lancaster PA


Don’t settle for molding your brand into a cookie cutter pre-made theme. Spread your wings and do it right, get a custom designed website for your business that separates you from the crowd.


Our custom websites are designed to work on any device regardless of size. Whether it’s a smartphone or a desktop, your content will adjust to maximize readability and accessibility.


Your website needs to be a simple, easy-to-follow user experience for all your website visitors.  Quickly direct them to the areas of interest they are seeking so they don’t abandon your website like they do others.


The impact of a well built website makes all the difference between hitting your conversion goals and just creating noise on the internet.  We’ll get your visitors to stay and engage with your new website fueling your bottom line.

Custom Websites – Local Developers & Web Designers

You need a professional digital marketing agency with local in-house web designers and developers to give you the website your business needs. Stop chasing the lowest price website quotes with outsourced, overseas personnel… or your friend’s friend, or that one-off freelancer whose here today, gone tomorrow.  All of our sites are built by our skilled in-house design and development teams right here from our local web design office in Lancaster PA.  WebTek ensures a well thought out, well executed, results focused final product while you receive a pain-free, peace of mind working experience all the way from start to finish. This allows us to build more complex, innovative sites – matched to your exact brand and needs… all for a competitive price that makes absolute sense to the educated decision maker.

A custom website is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. We often tell customers that an attractive and easy-to-use website is a necessity for doing business in the 21st century. A poorly designed and outdated website turns away potential customers – after all, 75% of people report making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website. On the other hand, a modern and easy-to-use website satisfies your current customer base and is crucial to earning new business as a central tool of our internet marketing campaigns.

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Your Success Plan is Part of a Process…
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  • Research

    We have to define the problem before we can offer a solution. To do that we will work together to determine achievable project goals that meet your user’s needs as well as your business goals.

  • Concept

    After research, this is the most important step in the process. Getting this right is important and sets us down a path toward design. We determine site architecture as well as visual design and layout in the concept phase.

  • Design

    Who, what, why, where, and how need to be answered in order to design a user interface that works for your users. We will design the visual appearance as well as the interactions to make your site functional and usable, as well as visually appealing.

  • Development

    In this phase the design becomes fully functional. We will ensure that your site works in all modern browsers as well as on mobile devices. Site load time will also be optimized to make sure your site loads fast everywhere, under any condition.

  • Quality Control

    Our websites go through a series of testing to make sure they’re ready for launch. We test in all modern browsers as well as older browsers up to 2 versions back. Analytics are taken into consideration when testing, we don’t want to leave out any of your users.

  • Go Live

    After we have a design that works for your business goals and meets the needs of your users we will prepare the site to go live. All files and databases will be backed up and transitioned to the final server location and will be live on the web.

Mobile Done Right – Responsive Web Design Lancaster

Responsive web design is the practice of designing and developing one website that adjusts to whatever device you’re using. All content will adjust to fit the current device size but will maintain optimal readability and usability. This is a crucial component of any custom new build or website redesign to ensure that the content is readable and that the functions are usable — no matter the device! Mobile and responsive design are a cornerstone of the WebTek design services and development processes.

More on Responsive Design

Free Consultation with Our Web Design Company

Whether you’re considering the first website for your company or you’re planning for an overhaul of your current platform, the WebTek team is ready to take on your project. Our developers build high-quality, user friendly custom websites to meet your needs and illustrate your brand – discover some of our most recent projects.

All of our web development projects begin with a conversation so that we can best understand your needs for a custom website. When you partner with WebTek, you receive a custom designed and coded site perfect for your brand and primed to succeed online. In addition to doing Web Design in Lancaster PA, we now also offer web design services in Sarasota, FL! Start the conversation with our website design experts – schedule your free consultation today!