The Bigger Vision of Success

At WebTek, our vision is bigger than just helping companies be more successful online.  We want everyone to experience success, especially those less fortunate than us. There is a lot of need in our world, and for many across the globe success might mean having life’s basic needs finally being met.

WebTek is committed to making this world a better place by investing in the lives of those with the greatest needs. It might be easy to complain or take for granted what we are blessed with, but one doesn’t have to look far to see people hurting and needing help all around us.

Our goal at WebTek is to contribute $500,000 by year 2025!

When you partner with WebTek, you are helping improve lives across the world!

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Countries Invested In

  • United States: Supporting our local communities in Lancaster County, PA …and throughout the USA.
  • Africa: Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Peru, Nigeria, Mozambique
  • Other Countries: Mexico, India, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica, Haiti

Causes We Support, Close to our Hearts

Social Services

providing for the poor in our local communities

Empowering Orphans

around the world

Changing Lives

with a message of Hope / Love of Jesus

Training & Discipleship of Young Leaders

investing in the next generation

Strengthening At-Risk Families

providing help before crisis

Educational Scholarships

for low-income families

Aid for Medical Hardships

helping out those less fortunate

Mentoring At-Risk Kids

in Local Schools & Communities

Single Mothers in Need

within our local communities

Disaster Recovery

aid for victims of devastating storms