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Designing a Company Logo

As humans, we naturally make snap decisions. Make a solid first impression and represent your business or organization with a custom logo design. These simple yet vibrant symbols can encapsulate the essence of your business that’s easy to recognize. Put the standards of your company on display with a high-quality business logo that instantly gains the trust of your potential clients. There’s no one better to trust with this than a experienced logo design company like WebTek. Below are a few examples of logos we designed, that might inspire logo design ideas:

Logo Animation

The core of a brand’s identity is the logo. As stunning as a static logo may be, animated logos will capture your potential clients differently. Whether it’s for a website, video intro or social media, an animated logo is a unique way and impactful first impression for your viewer. With varying transitions and movements, adding logo animation contributes to your brand’s overall narrative. Seeing the iconic symbol of your business come to life will set you apart from the rest. Animating a logo also shows your potential clients there’s a modern and dynamic way you and your team does business. Assure your originality and stand out from your competitors with an animated logo from WebTek.

Animate My Logo!

logo animation in gif form


Make an Impression with Your Custom Logo

It’s easy to remember a modern, visually stunning logo design, even if you can’t remember basic information about the company. Consumers can easily identify a well-known business logo associated with a trusted brand. A potential customer’s familiarity with your logo will function as a consistent calling card, creating a level of reliability and trust. People want to feel comfortable when they’re looking to invest in a product or service.

There are so many different effective company logo design types to consider for your company’s look. The five main custom logo design types are abstract mark (Chase), wordmark (eBay), pictorial mark (Apple), emblems (Harley-Davidson) and letterform (McDonalds). All-of-these logo types serve a specific purpose dependent on the marketing style and brand of the company.

For instance, a roofing company would not necessarily use a colorful wordmark style logo design like eBay’s. Consumers don’t typically associate a colorful logo when choosing shingles and professional roofing services for their house. Instead, people are more comfortable associating a modern style with straight lines and monochromatic coloring that will make their house a home.

custom logo design

Create a custom logo design that people want to be associated with and implement that logo everywhere. You can add a business logo to apparel, your website, billboards, you name it! Whether the custom logo is your entire business name or a symbol that represents your brand, make it appealing and gain the impressions that set you apart from your competition.

Company Logo Design for Your Business

As a trusted web design and marketing agency in Lancaster PA, we help businesses tell their story and succeed online. Our designers strive to create an appealing custom logo design that matches your brand and appeals to your ideal client. Our work frequently contributes to long-term promotional campaigns whether it be online or in printed material. If your company is seeking attractive company logo design to promote your products and services, find a local logo company that understands what people want to see in your area.

Contact our logo designers to start creating a custom logo that meets the standards of your business. We’ll help you stand out from the rest!

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