5 Bold Business Predictions for 2021

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Welcome to another year. Coming off a year like we’ve never experienced before, everyone is curious what this year will be like.

We had a few “semi-normal” days in 2021 before political unrest and unruly activists invaded our nation’s capital building creating that “oh here we go again” feeling. So, in some aspects 2021 is opening up right where 2020 left off. I’m no fortune teller or economist, but I am going on the record with a few bold business predictions from my humble perspective and for your entertainment purposes.

1. Things Will Begin to Feel More Like Normal — but Not Until Quarter 3

Most people are hoping and waiting for things to return to normal, and there’s a good chance they will this year. However, it may not be as quick as you would like. It was only the end of March and April 2020 where things really got crazy with COVID, and those months have yet to arrive in 2021. A new lifeline with vaccines is slowly making its way into our communities as another line of defense in overcoming COVID. But by the time vaccines are readily available to whoever wants them, and after the 8-12 weeks (2-3 months) it takes to build immunity once injected, summer will be here. Then another few months for things to keep settling down puts us in Quarter 3. Although COVID will probably always be around (just like it was for the last few decades), the 2019-2020 strain will hopefully be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

2. Pent-up Demand Will Send Some Business Activity Skyrocketing

Some of the industries and business sectors hardest hit by our pandemic will be the very same ones that will skyrocket with pent-up demand. The hospitality industry will see a revolution with people wanting to interact with people again. Restaurants will be packed, and eating out will feel like a luxury again. People will attend events, travel, and take vacations after a year of being mostly constrained to their homes. Speaking of homes, the home improvement / outdoor living industry (coming off a very strong year) will continue to experience strong demand as people choose to upgrade their homes and spaces around their homes. Increased home equity value and low finance rates are prompting people to do home improvement projects and spend on everything home related.

3. Your Local Business Website Will Be More Essential Than in Any Previous Year

2020 forced us to become more digital and head online for almost everything we need. Those habits, coupled with pivoting competing businesses, forced companies of all sizes to make sure their online presence and services are front and center when people are searching. This year more than ever, having the right website with the right messaging and the right conversion strategy is essential to not only succeed, but also to survive. I know a great company you can partner with to get your online presence where it needs to be… just click here to get started!

4. The Results of Your Grueling Efforts in 2020 Will Bear Fruit in 2021

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Did you get going in 2020 or did you lay low and wait for future greener pastures? Hopefully you took advantage of the disruption to normalcy to dig in deeper, retool, and better position yourself in the marketplace. It’s those that did that who will begin to bear well-deserved fruit in 2021.

5. 2021 Will Be a Great Year for New Business Start-Ups

Just like in the year following the last economic pandemic (2008), we saw an abundance of new companies starting up and thriving. When companies downsize and layoff, those young guns take the experience they’ve learned, breathe in some entrepreneurial air, and take a chance on themselves. Thanks to the fresh energy they bring to the industry, they often end up being able to undercut the less nimble, large-overhead operations. If you’ve thought about starting a new venture, the time could be ripe!

…and because we like to over deliver, one added prediction:

6. You Need a Partner Like WebTek to Succeed in the Online Business World

We took our own medicine from #4 above and used the disruptive year to retool, reposition, and get us ready for a powerful 2021. We know demand will be stronger in 2021 than any of our previous 20 years in business. We take your business seriously, too. We are here to help and to partner with you to make 2021 your best year yet. Your investment in website upgrades or an enhanced digital marketing package can help position you for your best year on record.