Troubleshooting Email

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Common Email Issues

My computer is telling me... "Access denied" or "Mail server not found"

One of the most common issues we see is users accidentally getting blocked by our server’s firewall. This is a very easy fix and is not a cause for alarm. We have strict security measures in place to help keep our clients safe and secure, but sometimes these strict settings report false positives and real people get blocked as a result. Common signs of this being the case is if your whole office/location seem to be unable to send and receive mail, and possibly not being able to view your website.

If you think you were accidentally blocked, please contact our support team to resolve this issue.

My email stopped working and I get an Error "The host '' could not be found..."

First be sure you have internet access. Can you access websites? If you cannot, it could be you simply do not have internet. Reboot your internet router and try again. If the problem persists, contact your internet service provider (Comcast, Windstream, Verizon, Blue Ridge, Frontier, etc.).

If you have internet access and can see other web pages, then try and load your website. If you can’t see your website, then it most likely is because you got blocked by our server firewall. This can happen if you or someone from your office tried logging in too many times unsuccessfully. This throws a red flag to our firewall and it blocks your access. In that event, go to, record your IP number and call us to remove the block. Then verify your login information is correct or reset your password in your control panel.

I can receive email, but can't send email

WebTek requires all outgoing mail to be authenticated. Perhaps you don’t have your outgoing mail server set to authenticate email. Open your email program and go into the email account settings. Find the outgoing mail server settings and ensure it is checked to authenticate email. If it is not checked, check it and try sending mail again. For help finding where to check this setting, reference these pages: Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows, iPad/iPhone or Android devices.

While in those outgoing mail server settings, also confirm you have the right port number selected. Use Port 465 (or 587) for SSL connections.

I was receiving email, but now I'm not. What happened?

If you don’t get any error messages and this happens, it could be your mailbox is full. Login to your control panel, click the email icon, click add/remove accounts and click “Show Disk Space Used”. This will show the quota and disk space used for each mailbox in your account. If you use webmail, delete old messages and empty your trash to free up some space. You can also increase your quota. When either of these conditions are met, email will start to get delivered again. Messages are not lost, but residing in queue waiting to be delivered.

Someone told me their email to me was returned. Why?

Most likely the undeliverable mail will contain a message of why it was returned. If it says something about mailbox being full, follow the steps directly above. If it says something about being blacklisted, we don’t accept email from senders who are on known blacklists. If it is some other message about being blocked, try and get the bounced back message to us. Then we can help troubleshoot it further.

Error: Mail Delivery Failed...

If it continues on to say “A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:”, then the email address you tried to send to was invalid or blacklisted. You must correct the recipients email address or let them know they may be blacklisted.

If the bounce back message contains other stuff you are not sure about, please forward it to so we can troubleshoot the message.