Press Releases

One of many effective content marketing techniques for building your online reputation and increasing the number of authoritative links to your site.

Why Write Press Releases?

Done correctly, online press releases can be a powerful part of an online marketing strategy and provide valuable inbound links, drive traffic and help you get found quickly in search engines and those looking to repost your news.

WebTek uses Press Releases in our Internet Marketing Packages for the reasons listed above. Press Releases must be of news worthy content and structured in a certain way that online distribution channels will accept.

PRWeb is the biggest and best online Press Release distribution channel out there. Because of these they do have stricter guidelines and larger fees to distribute your article. There are also free distribution channels to push your news out to many outlets.

Overall Press Release syndication can reach thousands of news outlets and generate great branding and awareness for your company and services or products generate great branding.

Your overall Internet Marketing Plan should be diverse and include a variety of strategies including press releases, link building, content marketing, guest blogging, social bookmarking, directory submissions and other white-hat search engine optimization techniques.