Truewood Furniture Website

Paradise , PA

This client came to WebTek when there were ready to take their website to the next level. As a manufacturer of fine furniture, this wholesale-exclusive client needed a valuable resource for his dealer network where they could refer their retail customers to see the manufacturer’s website and view all the quality furniture that is available, beyond just what consumers see on the showroom floor. We made a non-threatening way for furniture dealers to use this website and brand it with their name and contact details so all inquiries can be directed right to them. No longer do the furniture dealers need to reproduce everything on their own website and keep that up-to-date, they can simply link to this site and be down with it… just sit back and collect the leads that come through and invite customers to see the complete offering (up close and personal) of what is available. The site is built in WordPress and has a dealer database and a product database containing every item that is made. Users can query the database and see results of items they are interested in. The site is large, powerful, resourceful and just what the client needed. We also made the site responsive so their is an optimal experience for everyone looking at the site regardless of the device they are on. If anyone is interested in reselling the furniture, they can signup online too.

  • Industry: Furniture
  • Type: Mobile-Responsive
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Truewood Furniture

Kornel, Tara and the whole team did a great job in following through with what was discussed. Also the layout is great and the way the details were handled was excellent. Thank You!

- Lancaster Legacy