What Makes a Good Website in 2020: Does Your Site Make the Cut?

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Take a Critical Look at Your Website to See if it Makes the Grade

This probably isn’t news to you, but a website is 100% necessary to doing business in 2019. Not just any website, either — a good website, and a really good website at that. For many businesses their website is the primary way that clients contact them and get important questions answered. It’s a company’s brand story encapsulated, a place to showcase and display products, and their main platform for digital lead generation. That’s why we’re highlighting what makes a good website in 2020.

So, what happens if your website isn’t up to 2019 standards? Nothing. That’s the problem.

If your website frustrates, confuses, or even puts-off potential clients, your business can and will suffer for it. People say that a website is a digital storefront. So, is your digital storefront friendly and inviting, or is it dimly lit, canopied with dangling wires, and leaking water from the ceiling (figuratively speaking, of course)?

We put together this list to help every business owner take a good, hard look at their website to see if it meets good website standard going into 2020. These are 5 signs your website is actually costing you thousands of dollars in new and recurring business every year! If this list gives you peace-of-mind about your current website, that’s fantastic. On the other hand, if your current site resembles a seedy storefront, then the good news is that redesigning your site is easy! Let’s dig in…


5 Signs your Website isn’t up to 2020 Standards

People often ask what makes a good website for 2020 — and that’s an important question. We put together a list of key factors that your site must do to make the grade going into next year. Evaluate your website and see how many of these issues you recognize from your own digital storefront!


Mobile friendly website optimizations maximize performance

As of 2019, more than 50% of all web searches take place on a smartphone — and that number is only growing. If your site doesn’t work well for half of the people who visit, you’re losing countless customers. Now, you might tell us that your website was built to be good on mobile and that technically it’s responsive. We’re going to tell you that there’s a big difference between being kind of good on mobile and being GREAT on mobile. Smart web design accounts for ALL of the users who find your site — no matter their device. Being awesome on mobile is one of the traits of a good website in 2020!

Common Mobile Problems Users Can’t Stand:

  • Can’t Click to Call
  • Unclear Menus
  • Wrong Sized Images
  • Hard to Use Forms
  • Hard to Read Text
  • Must Pinch & Zoom to Click


Website load speed impacting ranking

For better or worse, people are accustomed to instant gratification in 2019. If your website is old or improperly built and loads slowly as a result, it’s going to cost you. Bottom line: a good website in 2020 and beyond needs to be fast.

Firstly, only the most-devoted potential customers will wait around to see what your business can do for them, rather than scouting out any of the countless other competitors with fast loading quality websites. Plus, for most sites with page speed issues, it’s not just the homepage that lags — every other page is slow to load, too. Not only will this make a bad first impression, but it all but ensures your prospective customers won’t make it too far into your website.

Secondly, people aren’t the only ones who make harsh judgments about websites that load slowly. Site speed is an important factor that Google and other search engines take into account when ranking your site on a search engine results page. If SEO is a component of your marketing strategy, then a fast website needs to be the foundation.

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Custom made website sitemap layout

Wondering what makes a good website in 2020? First things first, it needs to be custom built. Simply put, pre-built website templates aren’t a real option anymore. Made by companies like Wix and Squarespace, these DIY template sites allow you to set up a personalized website in around an hour and only for a few dollars. As the celebrities who do the Superbowl commercials explain, you can’t get a website for cheaper and in less time, making these templates the perfect solution for businesses working on a budget.

While it’s true that these template sites are cheap and easy, they create a lot of issues that make them a detriment for businesses. Despite what the commercials show, these sites are difficult to customize and to rank. So not only will your site look identical to other templates, but you’ll struggle to add needed features and customizations that will earn you business online. In addition, search engines punish these template sites. Since SEO is one of the most essential, most cost-effective marketing channels to pursue, losing out on that because you built your site using a template isn’t a smart play — even if Kylie Jenner says otherwise. Spend a little more up front and you’ll enjoy a long-term return on your investment.

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website showing errors to users

It isn’t too much to ask that a website works, is it? That’s what your customers think anyway. Its one of the key things that makes a good website in 2020.

One of the most unfortunate ways your website is sabotaging your business is by making it difficult or confusing for customers or by including broken links. Whether they want to ask a question, buy something, schedule a quote, or something else, your website needs to facilitate that relationship

Losing clients here is especially disheartening because you were so close to closing their lead — they had every intention of doing business with you, but your website prevented the transaction. Imagine the frustration of this loyal and interested prospect. Even though they have to give you a pass on the outdated site style and put up with long load times and rough looking mobile design, they still decide they want to do business with you. However, when the time comes to fill out a form or click a link to schedule, it’s broken. For many customers that’s the last straw. Your website just snatched defeat…from the jaws of victory

Web Users Least Favorite Things

  • Broken Images
  • No Click to Call
  • Broken Links
  • Contact Forms That Don’t Work
  • Missing Products / Missing Page


old website having negative results

First impressions are everything, right? For so many potential clients, your website is your business’s first impression — and you only have one chance to make it. So, what does your current website say about your business, and can you afford to leave a bad impression? A good website in 2020 needs to feature a cutting-edge design and attractive visual elements like photography.

Consider this recent statistic: 57% of internet users say they would NOT recommend a business with a poorly designed website. Simply put, in the digital age, you can’t afford to have a digital storefront that turns away customers before they even get in the door!


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