5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help sometimes, right?

Especially when it comes to something as important as earning new business. We’ve put together a small business guide to email marketing full of the need-to-read info that ensures your email blasts earn opens, clicks, and sales.

Keep reading to learn how we’ve crushed email writer’s block with some email marketing tips for small businesses that land sales and promote leads.


Our Small Business Guide to Email Marketing

If you’re busy looking for email marketing tips, you’ve probably already wasted a few hours scrolling Pinterest or Google – only to find great ideas that are perfect for every other company except your own.

The team of digital marketing strategists at WebTek collaborated to create one easy-to-read, easy-to-implement article with 5 email marketing tips for small businesses. Our small business guide to email marketing is meant to provide you the cardinal rules of using email marketing in 2020. Let’s get started:

Personalized email blast for anniversary

Including your recipient’s name in your email campaign is a given, but let’s take it a few steps further. In 2020, your customers want to feel a personal relation to you – simply put, they want to feel known. By including things like dynamic text, custom offers (like abandoned shopping cart promos), or distribution times for specific user groups, you can create the interpersonal relationship your customers are longing for. Not all of our email marketing tips are as basic as personalization, but this is always a great place to start.

JetBlue did it right with this personalized e-blast to a user on their one-year anniversary!

Email marketing with case study

Just like how your customers want to feel like you know them personally – they want to feel like they know you personally as well. That’s why the next element in our small business guide to email marketing is to be transparent in your company goals and achievements!

Not every email needs to be pushy and promotional (in fact, it actually shouldn’t). Instead, try using the opportunity of your monthly email to talk about the new non-profit your company donates to, your company’s wins, or how your brand is bettering the community!

You may not see how this type of email content could lead to more sales, but people tend to buy from companies they trust – and e-blasts like this do just that.


Email marketing tip promoting sale

If you’re an online marketplace or Ecommerce store, email marketing content ideas probably seem like a no-brainer to you – SALES, SALES, and more SALES. However, while special offers are some of the top ways to boost email marketing campaigns, click-through-rates, and results, not everyone has a handheld product to discount.

The majority of clients at WebTek are local service providers – like HVAC, remodeling contractors, and manufacturers. While it’s not reasonable for local service providers to discount products by 60% like a clothing store may be able to, it is still possible to offer benefits that will get your readers to convert. As a result, one of our email marketing tips for small businesses is to include a promotion. Tailor it to your business and find a way to provide value. This could mean offering a free roof inspection, a free design consultation, or priority scheduling!

Tip for promoting your business on email


Animated gif promoting discount via email

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine just how much you could say in a GIF! GIF stands for Getting Individuals Focused (ok, not really – but it DOES help engage your readers!). Animations and other eye-catching visuals are some of our most enhanced and reliable email marketing ideas for small businesses, yet!

Some of our tried-and-true statement pieces are animated logos. Just imagine your animated logo designed seamlessly to interact with your email marketing list! It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s one of the best email marketing content ideas on the horizon today.


Mobile friendly website optimizations maximize performance

Ring, ring! Modern day practices are calling – and you NEED to answer.

The final tip in our small business guide to email marketing is quite possibly our most crucial.  Nothing frustrates a potential customer more than not being able to access your email blast or website from their smartphones. It’s no secret that today’s shoppers are smart – as in smartphone, smartwatch, and smartTV – and if your email marketing content isn’t being optimized for mobile, you might as well just toss a lit match on your marketing budget yourself.

Tip for marketing to mobile users

Learn how to ensure your email marketing campaigns and website are mobile-friendly!


Personalized Email Marketing Content Ideas from WebTek

After reading through our email marketing guide for small businesses, you’re either thinking one of two things:

  1. Great ideas – I’ve got this! Or…
  2. Great ideas – but how do I implement them?


Fortunately, if you’re thinking option two, we’ve got good news for you!

WebTek is the master digital marketing agency specializing in email marketing content ideas and execution. If you liked reading our email marketing tips, just think how much you’ll like when you put them to work for you – month after month.

Our talented team of designers, marketing strategists, and content writers work together to make your next email campaign your best email campaign – every single time.

Whether you want to expand your email audience or you’re looking for email marketing content ideas to resonate with your already solid list, call the team at WebTek and enjoy a FREE consultation.